Customer Service Assistant

Theoni Water SA
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Theoni Water SA, is looking for an experienced and efficient Customer Service Assistant. Our ideal candidate is self-motivated and has at least 3 years of experience.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Open and maintain customer accounts by recording account information

  • Resolve product or service problems
  • Recommend potential products or services to management by collecting customer information and analyzing customer needs

  • Prepare product or service reports by collecting and analyzing customer information

  • Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed

  • Identify and assess customers' needs to achieve satisfaction

  • Build sustainable relationships of trust through open and interactive communication

  • Provide accurate, valid, and complete information by using the right methods/tools

  • Keep records of customer interactions, process customer accounts and file documents

  • Follow communication procedures, guidelines, and policies

  • Use telephones to reach out to customers and verify account information

  • Suggest solutions when a product malfunction

Requirements and Qualifications

  • University/ College Degree is an asset
  • 3+ years of experience
  • Professional demeanor and attitude
  • Well-organized, detail-oriented
  • Excellent communication and time-management skills
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office ,ERP,CRM

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