Customer Service Agent (German/English)

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About IntouchCX

IntouchCX is a global leader in customer experience management, digital engagement, and AI and automation solutions. We immerse ourselves in your world with curiosity, creativity, and innovation to deliver exceptional results. For over 20 years, we have scaled with soul to become a disruptive industry leader by building trusted long-term relationships with our brand partners and empowering our people to drive positive change. To learn more about us and our culture, follow the link to Our Story -

About the Job

Are you a problem solver? Do you like making meaningful connections with people? Are you interested in a rewarding career working with the world’s most exciting brands?

Our Customer Service Agents (German/English) are passionate about delighting customers by making every interaction an unforgettable experience, whether that’s through inbound calls, emails and/or chats. We want people with personality, who love making an impact with every customer interaction.

We also want people with drive and ambition - people who want a career, not just a job. Punctuality, performance, and positivity will set you up for success.


Working as a Customer Service Agent (German/English), You Have:

  • German/English Bilingual is a must

  • High school diploma (or equivalent)

  • 6 months – 1 year of customer service experience

  • Call center experience (strong asset)

  • Effective communication skills

  • The ability to sit for long periods of time

Benefits of Working as a Customer Service Agent (German/English):

  • 100% Work from Home!

  • Industry-leading benefits like:

  • Medical and life insurance

  • In & out of hospital benefits

  • Mental health support line

  • 20-26 paid days off per year

  • On-site occupational physician

  • Monthly meal vouchers

  • Career path planning & E-learning career development platform

  • Weekly coaching sessions

  • Global incentive programs

  • Fun, supportive work environment

  • Opportunity to be part of a rapidly expanding global company

  • Amazing career growth opportunities

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