Chemical Engineer

Titan Cement Company SA
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TITAN Greece has an excellent opportunity for a Chemical Engineer for our plant in Kamari. The position reports to the Production Manager. The primary scope of this role is to ensure the efficient and safe operation of our chemical processes, contributing to the production process and the overall success of our plant.

Main Responsibilities

• Supervise execution of work orders ensuring safety, quality, and timeliness of work

• Oversee and optimize the related processes for production effectiveness

• Responsible for the verification of the quality and quantity of the produced product, ensuring its compliance with quality standards

• Monitor and analyze process data to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to troubleshoot process issues and implement corrective actions

• Ensure compliance with safety regulations and environmental standards, taking proactive measures to maintain a safe working environment

• Develop and maintain standard operating procedures (SOPs) for production processes.

Candidate Profile

• Degree in Chemical Engineering from a Polytechnic School

• 3+ years of working experience in a similar position in a manufacturing, industrial or construction setting would be an asset

• Proactive, resourceful, solutions oriented and results-oriented

• Able to prioritize work, multi-task and meet deadlines

• Communication with internal and external parties in a collaborative, positive manner

• Critical thinking and creative, problem-solving skills

• Able to quickly adapt and learn

• Team player and solid interpersonal skills

• Strong written and verbal communication skills both in Greek & English language

• Military Service fulfilled (if applicable)

What we offer

• Private health insurance

• Pension plan

• Annual checkup

• Performance bonus

• Prepaid cards for supermarket

• Learning and Development opportunities

• Wellness programs

At TITAN we provide equal opportunities for employment, prohibiting any kind of discrimination. All applicants will be acknowledged and treated in the strictest confidence.

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