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Sandblu is a newly built 5-star luxury resort in Santorini, the finest hospitality offering in the Cyclades. It is a contemporary and modern Cycladic village, with common areas organically dispersed along a sprawling 30+ acres plot and nestled in the serenity of ancient Thyra foothills.
Sandblu boοsts an unmatched offering of Food and Beverage outlets, and provides a high- end experience for our guests . Our F&B program consists of two restaurants (designed by the globally renowned architects, Rockwell Group), a wine bar, a wine cave, and a bakery.  
For the above outlets, we are seeking to employ a DJ.


-To play music that will get the crowd moving and keep them entertained
-To select music that is appropriate for the event or venue
-To control the volume and sound of the music
-To keep the energy level up and to interact with the crowd
-To be professional and to provide a good customer service experience
-To ensure that the DJ equipment is in good working order

-Very good use of English language
-Similar experience in 5 star hotels will be an asset
-Professional attitude and very good communication skills    
-Ability to understand the guests’ energy and adjust the pace and energy of the music


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