Sustainability Associate

Πλήρης απασχόληση Γεμάτη μέρα
Alumil, one of the most evolved and technologically advanced groups in research, development and producing of architectural aluminium systems in Europe, desires to cover the following position:

Sustainability Associate

About us…
Alumil brings the best of us forward. Our mission is to deliver the creativity of all the Alumilers and thus make the world a more sustainable place. Afterall, “meraki” in Greek, means spirited work, without forcing yourself to be someone you’re not. Be you, be unique, make the difference, that’s the most precious thing to us. Responsibility, innovation, inclusion, sustainability and teamwork are the keywords we focus on.

Build excellence with us every day.

The role
As a Sustainability Associate you participate in defining the organization’s sustainability strategy while taking on circular and ESG initiatives with the Sustainability Manager. On the technical side, you love engineering, innovation and sustainable practices. You are a data savvy person, keen on analyzing concepts of diverse nature and detecting patterns that will provide the organization with important outputs. On the business side of the role, you communicate effectively with various stakeholders and realise their needs.

Your impact
You actively assist the annual composition of the Group’s ESG report, analyze environmental legislation, research relative concepts of strategic importance to the organization and take part in events of sustainable character concerning the environmental, social, and governance pillars.

Απαραίτητα Προσόντα:

You’re bringing with you
  • BSc in Environmental/Electrical Engineering or relevant field
  • At least 2 years of experience in similar position
  • Advanced Excel & writing skills
  • English fluency
  • ESG reporting standards
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Technical knowledge in the construction field will be appreciated


What you’ll gain
  • Provision of private life & health insurance
  • Bonus according to performance
  • Continuous learning and support
  • Excellent working environment
  • Customized training plan
  • Role specific benefits

ALUMΙL opposes any discrimination, unequal treatment and violation of human rights and ensures the provision of equal opportunities at work. When hiring and evaluating employees, it does not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political beliefs or social status.

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