Industrial Support Engineer

Πλήρης απασχόληση Γεμάτη μέρα

The role

As an Industrial Support Engineer, you are a part of the Extrusion and Machining Unit of Alumil. Your responsibilities include communicating with sales representatives and clients on technical or commercial issues, managing and preparing offers for new and existing industrial clients, providing prices for new offers based on unit pricing policies, proposing technical improvements for profiles and components as needed, creating drawings for newly acquired industrial profiles, coordinating the dispatch of samples for new profiles, organizing and updating client folders, and ensuring customer price lists are updated based on new agreements.


Your impact

You play a pivotal role in managing daily incoming issues and requests from customers and sales representatives. Your swift responses and collaborative problem-solving with relevant departments are instrumental in addressing customer needs promptly, even under the pressure of time and pricing considerations.

You serve as the vital link in communication between international customers, external sales representatives, and Alumil. This role positions you as a key influencer in the creation of viable products across various industries. Industries such as automotive, ascending & scaffold systems, marine, engineering equipment, and lighting. Your role as an engineer contribute to guiding clients in the right direction, making you an invaluable asset in delivering optimal solutions to meet their unique requirements.


You’re bringing with you

  • Engineering Degree or Degree in Economics with a technical aptitude

  • 3 years in B2B sales, in the aluminium industry or in international sales is desired

  • Effective communication skills and attention to detail

  • Fluent in English or other language (French/German)

  • Proficient AutoCAD user


What you’ll gain

  • Provision of private life & health insurance

  • Bonus according to performance

  • Continuous learning and support

  • Excellent working environment

  • Τraining plan based on the employee’s needs

  • Role specific benefits


About us…

Alumil brings the best of us forward. Our mission is to deliver the creativity of all the Alumilers and thus make the world a more sustainable place. Afterall, “meraki” in Greek, means spirited work, without forcing yourself to be someone you’re not. Be you, be unique, make the difference, that’s the most precious thing to us. Responsibility, innovation, inclusion, and teamwork are the keywords we focus on.


Build excellence with us every day.

ALUMΙL opposes any discrimination, unequal treatment and violation of human rights and ensures the provision of equal opportunities at work. When hiring and evaluating employees, it does not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political beliefs or social status.

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