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We are the 1st Hub for Developers! Our motto is “From Developers to Developers”! Our vision is to provide real career opportunities for candidates that want to take the next step in their career. Code.Career is the first process that you will speak with developers (only!) and tech (freak) experts!

Our client‘s mission is to deliver innovative and transformative digital solutions powered by the companies technologies and platforms.

They deliver Web Applications, Commerce Applications, Websites, Business Process Management Solutions, Application, Integration, Solutions, Machine Learning, Data Processing, Analytics, Mobile Applications and Cloud Transformation. Their Vision is to deliver Top Class Cloud Software Services in the market, offering unique service experiences to their customers, deliver Services that reflect Quality and mature Software Development Processes and build trust and long -lasting relationships with their customers across their digital journey.

They are looking for a passionate software engineer at Backend Development Area to
collaborate in a cross-knowledge software development unit. Successful candidate will lead
and evolve their backend chapter to exciting implementations of their software projects.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Be part of backend Development Chapter

  • Part of Design Solutions in High Level and Detail

  • Peer code reviews

  • Contribute to Project Planning and estimations

Required Skills:

  • University level degree (or higher education institute) in Computer Science,
    Information Technology or relevant field of study

  • 3+ years of working backend development experience

  • Solid knowledge in Java

  • Hands on experience in Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate Frameworks

  • Hands on experience with Relational Databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL.

  • Good oral and written communication skills

  • Team Player

Desired Skills:

  • Knowledge of JS frameworks

  • Handy with build tools such as Gradle, Ant, Maven

  • Experience with Elastic Search/Caching Engines.

  • Handy with testing tools and frameworks such as Jmeter, Selenium, Spock.

In their team you will benefit from

  • Competitive compensation

  • Projects that make an impact

  • Shape and work under leading-edge technology

  • Join an ambitious and strongly skilled team

  • Knowledge sharing, looking for latest technologies

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