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Πλήρης απασχόληση Γεμάτη μέρα

Our team, the leading recruitment hub in Greece, provides a wide range of recruitment services. The Recruitment Consultant is part of the Professional Hiring Solutions team and reports to the Recruitment Manager.

We are proud of our team and our people. We are different, passionate, positive and we love recruitment. We aspire new ideas, need new perspectives and we celebrate our wins and our mistakes. Our scope is to help people find their next career step or make their first one. If our mindset sounds familiar or ideal to you, then we want to meet you!

The role

The Recruitment Consultant assists employers to identify, select and recruit staff for their vacancies, and help individuals find and gain appropriate employment. The consultant’s role is the vital link between candidates and clients; it involves attracting candidates by uploading job posts and using LinkedIn, screening candidates, interviewing them and selecting suitable professionals to put forward to client companies. Additionally, it requires building relationships with candidates, keeping in touch over the phone and in writing.


  • Publishing job posts

  • Finding additional advertising resources (Job Branding, direct emails etc)

  • Sourcing and screening candidates

  • Head-hunting for professionals of all levels

  • Interviewing and assessing prospective candidates and matching them with vacancies in client-companies

  • Drawing up short-lists

  • Getting to know how client companies operate and understanding their general ‘culture’.

  • Counselling candidates for their interview with the company

  • Maintaining the candidates’ database and promoting jobs to new and existing candidates

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